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Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

President William Henry Harrison, Cincinnati, OH., Aug 14, 2014 Post 1

The circle is now complete in that my daughter Patricia has made a presidential sites tour with me. I was so please that we could spend this time together. We had a great day and as usual we ( I ) wore myself out walking and taking pictures. We will start the day at the Tomb of President William Henry Harrison which is located at Cliff Road and Bower Road, Cleaves, Ohio in an area also known as Mt. Nebo, North Bend, Ohio along the beautiful Ohio River.

Harrison Memorial Sign. He Was Born February 9, 1773, In Charles City, Virginia And Died April 4, 1841 in Washington, DC
  President William Henry Harrison Monument/Tomb
 President William Henry Harrison Monument/Tomb
Patricia Standing In Front Of Stairs And Path Leading To The Harrison Monument.
Stairs Leading To The Harrison Monument.
Comment From Harrison Inaugural Address March 4, 1841
William Henry Harrison, 1773 - 1841
Eagle Atop Part Of Harrison Memorial
William Henry Harrison
Offices Harrison Held. The Last Entry Not Seen Is Indiana. He Was Only 22 Years Old When He Was Appointed Governor Of Indiana. In Indiana He Made His Military And  Residential Headquarters In Vincennes, Indiana
More Offices Harrison Held
Dates Of Harrison's Life
Beautiful Ohio River As Seen From Harrison Monument
Congress Green Cemetery ( Note That The Spelling Of The Word Cemetery Has Been Corrected ). Many Settlers and soldiers of the Revolutionary And Civil War Are Buried Here 
As Well As Many Members Of Harrison's Family.
Information About John Cleves Symmes That I Never Knew Or Heard About ( Of Course Add This To The Very Long Lists Of Things I Never Knew Or Heard About ). He Wanted To Build A Large City On This Very Spot That Would Be The Hub Of The North West Territory.
President William Henry Harrison The 9th U. S. President. He Died 1 Month After Assuming Office And The Vice President John Tyler Became The 10th U. S. President.
Enlargement Of President William Henry Harrison The 9th U. S. President
Tippecanoe And Tyler Too!
Enlargement Of Tippecanoe And Tyler Too!
Harrison Campaign Trail
Harrison In Ohio
The Frontier Politician
Enlargement Of The Frontier Politician
Tecumseh Lead Indians Against General Harrison
Enlargement Of Tecumseh Lead Indians Against General Harrison. A few miles from 
Cincinnati Is An Outdoor Theater Which Has A Marvelous Play About Tecumseh.
After War Of 1812 Harrison Resigned His Post And Settled With His Family In North Bend
Enlargement Of After War Of 1812 Harrison Resigned From The Military And Settled With 
His Family In North Bend
Enlargement Of After War Of 1812 Harrison Resigned His Post And Settled With His 
Family In North Bend. Even In The Political Campaigns Back In The 1790s  Opponents lied About The Character Of The Opposition. 
A Child Of The Revolution
Enlargement Of A Child Of The Revolution. William Henry Harrison Was The Son Of Benjamin Harrison Who Was One Of The Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence.
Enlargement Of A Child Of The Revolution
A Call To Adventure
Enlargement Of A Call To Adventure
From Ensign To Captain
Enlargement Of From Ensign To Captain. He Advanced Rapidly.
A Love Story
Anna Symmes. Her Father Forbid Them To Marry But They Married While Her Father 
Was Out Of State On Business. Her Father Did Not Think He Had Much To Offer.
Enlargement Of Story About True Love.

This concludes our visit to the William Henry Harrison Memorial. We now head for the William Howard Taft National Historical Site.

So in closing let me remind you what I always say and that is that God loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum, North Hampton, MA, 7/7/2014

Bunker Hill is the end of the Freedom Trail and we walked back down the hill to the Navy Yard and caught a cab  back to the Motel where we checked out, loaded Lady Blue and hit the road for  North Hampton, Mass to look at Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum
 which is located on the campus of Smith College in the Forbes Library. His Library and Museum are located in two large rooms of the Forbes library. He donated all his papers to the college. 

John Calvin Coolidge was our Thirtieth President and he served from 1923 to 1929. He was born July 4,1872 in Plymouth Notch, Vermont and died January 5, 1933 in North Hampton, Massachusetts. When he graduated from Amherst College he worked for a North Hampton Law Firm and was admitted to the bar in 1897. He served in many political capacities such as: city councilman, state legislator, Mayor of North Hampton, state senator, Lieutenant Governor, Governor of Massachusetts, Vice President and President of the United States. Over the years family members and others collected various articles, memorabilia, photographs and various government document both federal and state and sent them to Forbes College. More of Coolidge's papers were found in the family homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vermont and these were presented to the college. Throughout his political career he maintained a home in North Hampton and after leaving office in Washington, DC he returned here to live. Forbes college has the distinction of being the only public library in the United States to house a presidential collection.

 Forbes Library Located On Smith College Campus, North Hampton, Massachusetts.
 Plaque Honoring Calvin Coolidge
 Entrance to Coolidge Presidential Library And Museum
 A Look Around The Museum. Desks Used By Coolidge.
Information About The Roll Top Desk Used By Coolidge For Years.
Items Associated With The Elephant The Symbol Of The Republican Party
 Elephants And The GOP
 Enlargement Of The Elephants And The GOP
Enlargement Of The Elephants And The GOP
 Calvin Coolidge Used This Chair When He Served As The President Of The 
Massachusetts Senate. Part Of His White House Library Is Behind The Chair.
Enlargement Of Sign In he Chair.
 President Coolidge's White House Library Comes To Forbes Library. 
 General View Of Museum. Sioux Headdress Is In The Center Of The Photograph. The Door To The Right Goes Into The Area Where You Can Do Research And Is The Office Of The One Staff Member Who Was Very Helpful In Telling Us About Specific Exhibits.
 Enlargement Of Sioux Headdress
 Enlargement Of Sioux Headdress
Enlargement Of Sioux Headdress
Calvin Coolidge In Sioux Headdress
Lisa Stands In Front Of Sioux Indian Headdress. Doesn't She Make A Beautiful Sioux 
Indian Chief?
Another View Of Presidential Museum As Joyce And Lisa Look At Items In Display Cabinets. 
 Portraits Of President John Calvin Coolidge And First Lady Mrs. Grace Coolidge
 Portrait Of President John Calvin Coolidge 
Portrait Of First Lady Grace Coolidge   
 Close Up Of First Lady Grace Coolidge. I Love Her Hair Styled In This Manner.  
 Close Up Of  President John Calvin Coolidge 
Newspaper Article About The Funeral Of Calvin Coolidge, Jr 

Calvin Coolidge, Jr. President Coolidge youngest son  ( 16 years old ) had been away at school and returned home to the White House to spend the summer. He and his older brother went to play tennis and he was in such a hurry to get started playing that he did not put on any socks before he put on his tennis shoes. He developed a blister on a toe and a few days later infection set in and the poison entered his blood. On July 6th 1924 the doctors declared his case terminal and he died on July 7, 1924. The loss of Calvin, Jr was a severe blow to the President who openly declared that Calvin, Jr was his favorite. Many have speculated that this loss drove the president into deep depression and he never really recovered. President Coolidge was reelected for a second term that year but he said " the power and glory of the presidency went with him ". Mrs. Coolidge said " He lost his zest for living ". During the election campaign, after his son's death, he did not actively participate in the campaign. After reelection he turned most of the daily activities over to his staff and cabinet.

One item on interest is how rumors get started. In this instance it was rumored that the infection was caused by the dye that was used to make the black socks that Calvin Jr. normally wore. The theory went that the chemicals in the dye entered through the blister, caused and infection which resulted in his death. How this rumor get started is not clear.
Coolidge Home In North Hampton
Coolidge Home In North Hampton
Weir Hall Where Calvin Coolidge Lived
Weir Hall Where Calvin Coolidge Lived
Weir Hall Where Calvin Coolidge Lived Nd Where He Met Grace
Calvin Coolidge At Age 4 And His Mother
Grace At Her Graduation
President Coolidge And Mount Rushmore
Enlargement Of President Coolidge And Mount Rushmore
Enlargement Of President Coolidge And Mount Rushmore
Enlargement Of President Coolidge And Mount Rushmore
Enlargement Of Mount Rushmore
Announcement Of President Coolidge Death.

Much more very interesting information about Calvin Coolidge and his life is reported in my posting on President Calvin Coolidge, Plymouth Notch, Vermont dated Monday, July 15, 2013, Wednesday,July 17, 2013 and Thursday, July 18, 2013.

We now leave North Hampton and head for Denver, Pennsylvania where we will spend the night. Now, as I always say God loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill