Genesis 1:31
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky, 10 & 11 June , 2014 Part 4

In this posting Janice and I will continue our tour through the Creation Museum. I think I told you before that it takes two days to go through this museum and if you take time to really read about all the exhibits two days is not enough time. This is our second day and I think most of the photographs you will see are from the second day although there might be an earlier photograph thrown in to tell the story the way I want to portray it.

 Main Entrance Into The Creation Museum
 This Is The Kid's Entrance Into Critter Canyon Which We Did Not Tour.
 Grand Canyon. How Was It Formed?
Have You Ever Wondered Where Canyons Come From?
 Mount St. Helens' After It Erupted In 1980 And How Canyons Can Be Carved Very 
Quickly In Layers Of Sediment. Jan And I Visited Our Daughter Janice Who Lived  In Washington At That Time And We Went Out To See Mount St Helens' And The 
Devastation Caused By That Eruption. Just Look At The Hugh Crater That Is All That 
Is Left Of Mt. St. Helens' After This Eruption.
Janice Reads About Fossils That Are On Display.
Janice Reads About Fossils That Are On Display. I Often Get So Involved In Taking Photographs That I Miss Doing Certain Things. For Instance The Sign On The Post To 
The Right Of Janice's Head Asks If You Can Find Seven Fossils In The Rock Wall. I 
Missed That Completely As Well As Getting To Photograph The Fossils If I Found Any 
Of Them.
Archaeologist Tent
What Do We Know About Dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs Don't Come With Tags On The Various Parts.
Archaeologist Work To Uncover Dinosaurs Fossil. What Pains Taking Work This Is Not 
To Damage Any Fossils Or Miss Any.
Archaeologist  Lantern Along Side A Bible Opened To Genesis Chapter 1.
Archaeologist At Work
Archaeologist At Work
Fossilized Clutch Of Segnosaur Dinosaur Eggs
This Display Indicates We Have The Evidence In The Present But What Happened In 
The Past? The Center Display Is Of " Lucy " Who You Will See And Read About Later.
Archaeopteryx Fossils From Germany.
Archaeopteryx Fossils From Germany.
A Creature Named  " Lucy " Who You Will See And Read About Later.
Meteorites. We hear So Much About Them Today As They Bombard Earth Regularly
And We Worry About A Large One Slamming Into Earth And The Devastation It 
Could Cause.
Meteorites Present And Past
Artist's Reconstruction Of Trilobite Tracks
Trilobite Tracks Present And What Happened In The Past?
The Utahraptor Dinosaur. The Recurring Theme Is  " Different Views Of Dinosaurs" 
Because Of " Different Starting Points "
Enlargement Of The Utahraptor Dinosaur Head. 
This Is Going To Be A Difficult Chart For You To Follow But It Is Critical To Our Understanding Of The Discussion Of Utahraptor Dinosaur. It Shows The Starting 
Point Being " Man's Word " As Compared To " God's Word ". I Have Photographed 
Each Section So It Would Be Large Enough To Read And There Will Be Some 
Overlap. I Hope You Will Be Able To Read And Follow The Discussion.
Man's Word
Man's Word
Man's Word
Man's Word
Man's Word
God's Word
God's Word
God's Word
God's Word
God's Word
Choice Between Man's Word Or God's Word. It All Depends On The Starting Point.
This Chart Makes The Same Comparison Between Man's Word And God's Word As it Relates To Creations Of The Universe. I Did Not Photograph The Individual Sections But Man's Word Has The Universe Created Over Billions Of Years Ago Through Evolution. God's Word Has The Universe Created Thousands Of Years Ago With Light Being 
Created On Day One, The Firmament Being Created On Day Two, Dry Land Being 
Created On Day Three And Lights In The Firmament Being Created On Day 4.

The Next series of photographs tell about " Same Plants and Animals " and compares Man's Word against God's Word.
Same Plants and Animals. On The Left You See Man's Word Showing First Life And All Plants And Animals Coming Through Evolution. As Compared To God's Word Showing Creation Orchard.
Enlargement Of Man's Word
Enlargement Of God's Word From The Global Flood To The Present
Same Apes And Humans. On The Left You See Man's Word Showing The First Ape And Present Man Coming Through " Lucy " And  Evolution. As Compared To God's Word Showing God Created Man.
Man's Word Showing The First Ape And Present Man  Coming Through " Lucy " And  Evolution.
 Man's Word Shows Man Coming Through  Lucy " To The Present Day Man .God's Word Shows That God Made The Beast Of The Earth After Its Kind. " ( Genesis 1: 25 ).God's Word Shows That God Created Man In His Own Image ( Genesis 1: 27 ) 6,000 Years 
Ago Through The Global Flood To The Present. " God Has Made Of One Blood All 
Nations ". ( Acts 17: 26 ).
Who Made These Footprints? The Side Bar Asks " Could These Be Lucy's Footprints?  "
Enlargement Of Could These Be Lucy's Footprints?
Further Enlargement Of Could These Be Lucy's Footprints?
Further Enlargement Of Could These Be Lucy's Footprints?
    So The Logical Question Is Who Is Lucy? We Will Spend The Next  30 Or So                         Photographs Learning Who Lucy Is. This Gets Rather Tedious So Stay With Me As We Learn About Lucy. Don't Worry I Don't Think You Will See Any Of Your Ancient Ancestors. 
I think I Have These Photographs Arranged And Enlarged So You Can Read And Study Them Without My Commentary Except To Title Them.
Lucy's Discovery
Lucy's Feet
Lucy's Feet And Shoulder
Lucy's Shoulder, Arms And Legs
Lucy's Shoulder, Arms,Legs And Feet
Portrayal Of Lucy's Arm Bones
Gaps Are Placed There By Evolutionist To Make Her Arms Appear More Human
Lucy's Hands
Continuation Of Lucy's Hands
Lucy's Skull
Lucy's Skull
Lucy's Teeth
Lucy's Lower Jaw
Lucy's Hip 
Lucy's Hip Bones ( Pelvis )
Continuation Of Lucy's Hip Bones ( Pelvis )
Lucy's Knee
Continuation Of Lucy's Knee
Lucy Just An Extinct Type Of Ape?
What Did Lucy Look Like? I Found This Extremely Interesting As You Shape Your Beliefs About The Evidence.
Creative Decisions Shape Your Beliefs About The Evidence. Honest Folks I Was Not Taking A Self Photograph. It Is Just The Reflection Of Me Taking The Photograph You See. Now I Have Had Some Of My So Called Friends Who Have Suggested If I Had Framed The Photograph Better Say My Head More In Line With Lucy's Skull And Up A Little More We Would Have A Better Idea Of What Lucy Looked Like. So Called Friends I Still Love You.
Enlargement Of Creative Decisions
Enlargement Of Creative Decisions
Lucy As An Ape Man With My Hands Appearing To Hold Her Head.
Lucy As A Chimp
Lucy With Light Skin
Lucy As An Orangutan
Lucy As A Gorilla

This concludes this posting and again it clearly shows how we all in today's world just like the greatest minds in the universe can and do look at the same set of facts and come to completely different solutions and we insist that we are correct. In this discussion we have to look to the Bible which is the inspired word of God to give us the correct interpretation of the facts we are studying. God created man in his own image. He created man at once and did not have him evolve through various stages and over a long period of time.

The next posting we will start looking at the statement that " The Present Is The Key To The Past ". I think you will enjoy it as we look at the 7 C's in God's Eternal Plan. They are Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation

Until then remember That God Loves you so much that he sent His Son Jesus to live a sinless life and to die on the cross for each of us so that if we will confess our sins and receive him as our saviour we will live with Him in Heaven for ever and I also love you.

Grandpa Bill