Genesis 1:31
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remembering, March 23, 2013

Patricia, Joyce and I went to visit Jan's grave to put out new flowers. As I told you earlier the floral wreath you girls sent was beautiful and the fragrance is wonderful.
New Flowers Old Christmas Decorations On Ground to Right
Joyce and Patricia
Joyce and Grandpa Bill
Joyce And Patricia
Patricia and her crew are here for dinner tonight and Joyce is fixing her Italian meal with sauce she brought from Long Island. We will feast tonight. Must close for now.

Remember God loves you and I love you.

Grandpa Bill

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Day To Celebrate Part Two, Mar 22, 2013

This is the second half of the main posting. I don't know what happened but they got separated. I know it doesn't make sense but maybe you can following what I was saying.

Stacks Of 35 MM Slides Sorted By Year. Roughly 2,000 photoa
Earliest  Slides At Goose Bay Labrador 1956
Giant Elephant Ear Has A Second Bloom
Second Blossom Open And Third Is Coming Up
Leaf Is So Heavy It Is Bending And Will Soon Die Off
I have never seen an elephant ear have so many blossoms. I wonder what is next because I do not see any new leaves coming up. Will just have to wait and see. About this time in April I will be about ready to move them back outdoors where they can really show off their stuff. Well this is about it for this time and I will close as I anxiously await the arrival of Joyce.

Remember God Loves you and I Love you.

Grandpa Bill

A Day To Celebrate Mar 22, 2013

Hello everyone I have struggled for the last few days as to what I wanted to say today. The more I thought about it the more I realized the range of emotions I have been experiencing covered a lot of territory. I have had my cry today and finally realized that  even though I miss my Jan more than words can tell I can only be happy for her and celebrate her heavenly birthday where she is at perfect peace and comfort with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To feel any other way would be selfish. The girls bought a fresh floral wreath for Jan's grave. Joyce is driving here today from Long Island to spend a few days with me. She called earlier today to give me an update on her travel. This weekend Patricia and her family will come over and then we can go place the wreath on Jan's grave.

Isn't it suppose to be Spring? That's what the calendar says but someone forgot to tell the weather. We have been cold the last few days and have some nasty weather forecast this weekend especially Sunday. Some of the flowers and bulbs I ordered have arrived and they will go in the ground in a few days. The signs of spring continue to show up every day. Today I was out side filling up the bird feeders and I could hear birds singing all around me. The following photos show you something unusual.
My Giant Elephant Ear Has Bloomed
Bloom Pod Is About Six Inches Long

Deer in my back yard are not unusual but I love to watch them.
Three Deer In Back Yard
Deer Checking Me Out
Three Deer About To Leave The Yard. I Was Watching These
Three Deer And There Was A Fourth In The Azalea Bushes 
That I Did Not See. Also, There Were Two In Mike's Front
Yard Eating His Pansy.
Something happened to the other part of this posting and I cannot connect them so I will send them as two postings.

Grandpa Bill

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Signs Of Spring, West Chester, March 6, 2013

I am like others in many respect in that I can't wait for warmer weather so I can get out side and start working in the yard. You know - digging in the dirt - and planting things.This particular posting will probable be a little over a several day period. Why? Just because I want to get thoughts down as I think of them and as I see signs of Spring. In fact as I sit here starting this posting the news is on TV and they are predicting a winter storm warning will be posted in the next day or so. Sure enough the next day they did declare a winter storm warning for my area. Now a night later as I sit here the prediction is for 5 to 6 inches of snow.  Tonight 3/5/2013 as I sit here I can tell you it has rained most of the day and is expected to change over to a rain snow mix late this evening. I watched a couple of basketball games and when I went to bed the ground was covered with a very wet and  heavy snow. This morning around 5:30 when I went out to get the paper I had about 5 inches of snow after snowing all night. Very wet and heavy. Boy would this snow make a wonderful snow man. Don't think I will try it though. This is the kind of snow that really sticks on trees and is really beautiful. Speaking of this, one of the side effects of all of this snow on the trees is the impact it has on my Magnolia tree.These trees are really an evergreen although most people do not realize this and they stay green all year and just shed old green leave as the limbs grow and new leaves come out pushing the old leaf off. They spend months doing this. It is just not a one time event so I spend several months picking up these old leaves. The snow on the leaves means that the shedding process is accelerated  so I will have thousands of leaves to pick up over the next few months. That is no exaggeration because this tree is higher than my two story house and has a diameter shade area that is over 30 feet. The Magnolia leaf is about 6 inches long, and 2 inches wide, thick and very heavy so they cannot be allowed to accumulate on the yard or they will smother out the grass. I can see from the tracks around the bird feeder that my deer friends came by for a meal. It also looks like they stopped at each fruit tree and had a snack. After breakfast I heard a noise out side and it was my wonderful neighbor Mike next door. He had his snow blower out and did his drive way as well as mine and two other neighbors. My record is still in tack. What record you ask. Well I kept procrastinating about having the snow blade put on my John Deere so this make 2 years the snow blade has not seen a flake of snow. Still new and unused. I think it is too late in the year to worry about having it put on now don't you?  Its March and Spring isn't it? Signs of Spring or signs of an optimist or signs of a procrastinator. Take your pick.

Signs of Spring. I think I mentioned a few days ago about my mail box being stuffed with catalogs seed and plant companies. That is a sure sign of Spring. In my front flower beds the daffodils  are up about 3 inches. The Maple trees are really starting to put out their buds. The pussy willow buds are swelling. The Canadian Geese who generally are around in large flocks are now around as mating pairs starting to check possible nesting locations. It is interesting they mate for life. Wonderful concept. When I am doing my workout at Fit Works one of the machines I use is upstairs in front of large floor to ceiling windows. From there I can see the entire parking lot and the various landscape island sin  it. Typically I see geese flying around but lately I have seen four pair of geese checking out roof tops and the grassy areas for nesting sites. Every year we hear about some duck or goose that made her nest on a roof top and later the babies could not get off the roof and had to be rescued. They are also, starting to get very aggressive when you get to close to them. When they lower their head and stretch out the neck and head for you you better watch out. They seem to think they own the parking lot and often seem ready to challenge the cars which get too close and generally will not move out of the way of approaching cars. You don't dare hit one of the crazy things because they are protected. Last year one pair had a nest just a few feet from one parking slot and the male goose was adamant that no one was going to get very close to his mate's nest. To protect the clients as well as the mother and her nest they finally blocked off this particular parking spot.

Speaking of planting, I have ordered so much stuff I don't know where I will find space to plant it. I may have to convert some more lawn space to flower beds. I may have to increase the number of planting pots I use. Sometime in April I will have to have these questions answered. Another sign of Spring is to be fund in my plant room where the Elephant Ears, Fern, and Banana plants are waiting for spring. My giant Elephant Ear is putting out a blossom bud. I hope is continues. They do not often bloom.

Speaking of snow I had to call grandchildren Michael and Lisa and cancel our weekly Wednesday meal after school.The church also called and told me that because of the snow I would not need to come in to sign checks. They did not want me out driving around in this stuff.  I am thankful for that because Lady Blue does not do well in the slick stuff. All this free time means I can look through more 35 mm slides. In the mean time a few snow photographs.
Snowy Back Yard.  Deer Tracks Around Bird Feeders

Snow Sticks To The Limbs

Snow Laden Magnolia Tree And Picnic Table

Beautiful Snow

Giant Elephant Ear Blossom Bud In Center Of Photo

Well this is about it for this time. Speaking of the 35 mm slide project a new idea is starting to jell ( in this cold weather jell is a good word ) in my mind and that is as I find and group my slides according to dates, places and events I may do a blog posting on that period of time for example my first year on active duty in the U. S. Air Force in Goose Bay Labrador 1955 and 1956. Boy that was a long time ago. I may even create a new blog to cover those kinds of activities. What do you think? How about something like " Life with Grandpa Bill ".

Remember God love you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Natural Beauty,West Chester,3/3/2013

I have people ask what have you been doing? I haven't seen any activity on your blog lately. Well I have done a lot but just have not had time or taken time to put it down in written form. I have been quiet busy. As I told you I finished the painting of the downstairs except for the laundry room and I decided to hold off until warmer weather to finish that. I need to put in a new dryer vent and a couple of water valves and I want warmer weather before I tackle those jobs. I have been busy going through my 35 mm slides that have accumulated since 1955 and trying to sort them out as to the date of photograph, place and who is in the photo. Some times I get so involved in looking at this stuff I just enjoy looking and forget what I am actually trying to do. But, Oh what wonderful memories they bring back.

The weather here for the last couple of weeks  has let us know that Spring is not far away but Winter does not want to go away quietly. It has been cold. A lot of damp days, cloudy and a few flakes of snow every day and night. Tomorrow night we may get a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. I have worked out at the fitness center most days. I have watched a lot of DVDs and basketball games and of course of lot of my favorite shows on TV. Many of the programs I like are on cable stations which have frequent commercials and the commercials typically last 5 to 7 minutes. I have found it is amazing how much work I can get done while the commercials are running.  Go figure.

Of course the cold weather means I have to stay busy keeping all the bird feeders full for all my outdoor friends and I have a lot. In this posting I want to show you just a few of my friends which I get so much fun out of watching. All these creatures are in my back yard except the turkeys which are a couple of miles away. When ever I see the vegetation and wild life God created I am just in awe of his creation. What an awesome God He is and how magnificent is the work of His hands.
Mother Cleaning Up Loose Grain Under The Feeder
Fawn Eating
Fawn Still Eating
Dogs Next Door Got Fawns Attention
Look At Those Big Beautiful Eyes
Mother And Fawn Both Hear Something
Satisfied They Are Safe Go Back To Eating
Still Not Sure About All The Noise The Dogs Are Making Next Door
Boy It Is Hard To Get Food Out Of This Feeder. 
It Keeps Swinging Around

I have been watching this mother and her two fawns for over a year and I wondered why at this time only one of them was with her. Last year when the mother first came in the yard with her fawns they were very small and were not very stable on their little legs. I started leaving the gate open so they could come into the yard with her. She had been jumping the fence and coming in and eating then jump back out where her fawns were. Of course now they just glide ever so gracefully over the fence, As you can see from the above photo it was starting to get fairly dark and to my surprise the second fawn was in the back yard all the time but was in my azalea bed eating them rather than eating the grain.
House Finch Enjoying A Meal. Male Is On The Left With The Red Head
Beautiful Little Female House Finch
Morning Dove Always Eat Off The Ground
Snow Bird Eating
Mother Trying To Reach Up To Th.e Feeder To Eat 
 Fawn  Eats Off The Ground
Deer Getting Into Trouble Starting To Eat My Fruit Trees.
The One By The Feeder Looking Back Over Her Shoulder 
As I Am Pecking On The Window Telling Them The 
Party Is Over.
Stretching to Reach A Choice Fruit Tree Limb

I was not able to get a photo of it but the deer and squirrels do not mix. I have eight squirrels that call my backyard home at least when it comes time to eat. And just like in all the animal world there is always one dominate animal. In this case the dominate squirrel get to eat out of the tray at the top of the feeder that is on top of a post. That is except when the deer are in the back yard. They will run around and try to sneak up behind the deer to get near the feeder but just don't seem to be brave enough to get to very close. It is so comical to see those eight squirrels running around ever which way wanting to get to that feeder. You see there are six or seven other feeders that the deer are not near.The birds are the same way they seem to steer clear of the deer. Although I did see one dove who was just walking up close to get some grain. When she got too close the deer just moved her head around from where she was eating looked directly at the dove. The dove decided to wait till another time to eat.

I think in the past I have made mention of the fact that I had seen some wild turkeys not far from the house. I have wanted to get pictures of them but I either did not have my camera or the traffic was to heavy on the road to stop and get a picture. One day the traffic was heavy, I did not have my camera and that day the turkeys decided they wanted to cross the road so the two male ( Toms ) just slowly strolled out onto the road, stopped and looked at the cars. Now we had two cars stopped from each directions waiting for the turkeys to make up their minds as to what they were going to do.The females ( Hens ) just stood on the grass next to the road to see what they were to do. Finally two guys got out of their cars and drove the turkeys off the road. After I got by I watched in the rear view mirror and the two toms started across the road again. A few days ago I came by the field where I generally see them and they were out there. I came home got my camera and went back. There is a home on the hill at this point and a paved driveway that goes up to it. I had always thought if I pulled into this driveway it would scare the turkeys away but after thinking about how they tried to cross the road I decided to go into the drive way to get some pictures. It was raining fairly hard so I stopped the car and started trying to get a few photos and to my surprise the turkeys started walking toward me The two Toms leading the way as you can see in the following photo.
See The Hens Following The Toms. Just A Few Feet In Front 
Of The Car Coming To Check Me Out
Tom Turkeys A Couple Of Feet In Front Of The Car
Wild Turkeys. You Can See The Front Hood Of The Car. 
The Tom On The Left Had Just Finished Closing Up His 
Tail Feather Display. I Missed It.
Close Up Of Male Turkey Head
Wild Female ( Hen ) Turkey. Isn't She Beautiful
Wild Male ( Tom ) Turkey. He Flew Up On A White Plastic Fence To Get A better Look At Me. He is
Not More Than Four Feet From Me. In The Photo Of The Female You Can See The Top Of One Of The Fence Post. He Is Also A Handsome Male.

I have a friend in my Sunday School Class who walks a lot  on the trails in Keener Park which is near where I took the above photos and he has indicated he has seen wild turkeys in Keener park. There is an individual at the fitness center who has a neighbor who lives near Keener Park and says wild turkeys often sleep in the trees around their home. Since the turkeys were obviously not afraid of my car and the way they came over to check me out I suppose they may be use to someone in cars throwing out some food for them. 

Well I suppose that is about enough from me tonight. It is nearing my bed time and I need to put the dishes in the dish washer. As always remember that Gods loves you and I love you also.

Grandpa Bill