Genesis 1:31
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Changes A Comin 99% complete, Feb. 16, 2013

Well here it is February 16, 2013 and Valentines Day is past and incidentally I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. I always loved Valentines Day it was always so special for Jan and I. It has been a busy several days since I last updated you on the changes. Just in case you did not already know it this is a lot of work especially the way I am doing it. I am trying to clean out cabinets and drawers  as I go from room to room. It takes me about a day to empty cabinets etc so I can move them away from the wall. Then a day to tape the trim, baseboards and crown molding. Now another day to paint. Another day to touch up where I missed or did not get a good covering and remove the tape and put up the new drapes. I did not take the plantation shades down and left them white.  Another day to move the cabinets etc. back to where they belong and another day to replace dishes etc back into the cabinets. and then on to another room. I guess I failed to mention that in each of these days I had to stop and rest and that is why it took a whole day. You youngsters won't understand that but you will some day. I had mentioned sometime in the past that the older grand daughters were getting Grandma's ( Jan's ) china ware so I took this occasion to put together all that was going to Sara and Nicku.  Parisa got hers last year when I went on my New England trip and visited her and Dan in New York City. The following are a few photos of the new look. You have to see it in person to see the drastic change. You may notice in a couple of places there are some things stacked around. Well those are more projects still in progress.
Looking Into The Living Room
Front Entry And Stairway
Computer Center In Living Room
Street Side Of Living Room
Looking Into Dining Room
Part Of Dining Room
Part Of Dining Room
Dining Room Hutch
Part Of Kitchen  ( Color Is Distorted )
Kitchen Hutch ( Color Is Distorted )
Family Room Looking Into Front Entry, Dining Room And 
Kitchen And Of Course My Warm Jacket

I still need to put the dawn stairs bath back together and I am finished. I think I will hold off on doing the laundry room until later.

I mentioned earlier about cleaning out drawers and cabinets. I found several interesting items.The following is one I will mention now and it was one of Jan's favorite and it sat around for years in fact so many years that it was part of the fixtures and was overlooked by all except Jan and she made this comes to life and even more so for me because I found it on Valentines Day. That brought a tear to my eye. The author of the following is unknown.
                               For many years a man watched his wife take a locked box down
                               from the cupboard. She would unlock the box, take a pinch, 
                               sprinkle it over whatever she was cooking, re lock the box and return
                               it to its place. 
                               One day, while his wife was away, his curiosity got the best of him.
                               He went to the cupboard, took the box down and opened it. To
                               his surprise it was empty! He turned it over and on the bottom was
                               written the word " LOVE ".
                               Don't keep your " LOVE " locked up in a cupboard. Keep it within
                               easy  reach and use generously.
                                       Through not in your recipe book, Into everything
                                        you cook, Put a big pinch of " LOVE ".

The above was printed on the side of a spice can which Jan kept sitting on top of the control  panel of the stove in the kitchen. I don't know where or when she got this. It may have been a gift but the important thing is that she practiced the thought set forth above. 

This week I have received many many gardening catalogs and that makes me wish for spring more than ever. I am ready to start doing one of my favorite things. If you wonder what that is just ask any of my daughters and they will tell you, " digging in the dirt ". You can't grow stuff if you don't dig in the dirt. Well it is time to close this and get something to eat since I have been up since way before dawn and breakfast was a long time ago.

Remember God loves you and so do I.
Grandpa Bill.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Change A Comin Part One Done, Feb 1, 2013

Good morning from Ohio. It is a very cold and blustery day here with the actual temperature in the area ranging from 6 - 10 degrees with a pretty steady wind which gives us a wind chill factor of 5 - 10 degrees below zero. There is an official weather service advisory about the wind chill and telling everyone if they have to be outside to bundle up and protect them selves. I plan to do one better than that I plan to stay inside and look outside to see what is going on. According to traffic reports on the TV traffic is a mess because of so many accidents. People just don't how to drive on black ice. The very light snow we had last night was very fine and melted quickly on he road which had been treated then froze with some more light snow on top of it creating black ice under the snow. Just because there is no snow piled up on the road people assume it is OK to drive fast then suddenly they have to stop or make a turn and they find themselves in a tail spin and off the road or worse yet into another car.  Yesterday afternoon I got hungry for some chicken and dumplings. I got out my trusty slow cooker and found a recipe on the Internet I thought looked good and started cooking. If I do say so myself it was delicious. Saturday night we have a forecast for 1 - 3 inches of snow. Speaking of looking outside I looked out this morning and there are deer track all around the bird feeder so  it looks like some of the deer friends paid me a visit last night for a little food. That's OK if they will just leave my fruit trees alone and let me do the pruning which I need to do next week.

Unveiling of Part One of Change A-Com in follows:

Looking Toward The Street

Fireplace Wall

Looking Toward The Back Yard

Time Warner is coming at noon today to check on a problem I have been having with my cable box. I have to start taping part of the Living Room now as that will next for change that is Change A - Com , Part 2.

I love you.
Grandpa Bill