Genesis 1:31
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Nunley's Carosel On Long Island

This will just about conclude my fully packed visit to take four generations photographs of my family. I got to see some very interesting things and most of all to be with family that I do not get to see often enough.Today we went to see and let Joyce,Charles,Casidy and Charlie ride a magnificent Carousel. This is the Nunley's Carousel which is located next to the Children's museum which is located on the old Mitchel Field. This is where my family lived for three years when I was assigned to New York City.
 Nunley's Carousel

 Charles, Joyce, Casidy and Charlie ride in one of two sleds on the carousel.

 How a Carousel works. Many people call therm Merry - go-Round.

 Casidy on horse. Notice the mirrors on the inner portion of the carousel as well as the wonderful paintings. Music is playing while the carousel is in motion.

 This little girl kept leaning to the left and her father had to keep pulling her back straight so she would not 
fall off.
 This lion is Casidy's favorite and is the only non horse animal on the carousel.

 Many of the saddles have an extra decoration such as this. These are owl's eyes.

 Baby Charlie loved the ride also.
 I think Grandpa Charles loved the carousel ride as much as the children.

They rode four times if I counted right. I was busy taking photos. The horses are magnificent in their poses, coloring and decorations. It is wonderful that Nassau County stepped in and saved this magnificent carousel from being lost forever. It is believed there are only about 150 of these carousels left. There are many  merry go rounds but few of these special carousels. I am pleased I got to see it.

Tomorrow, the Lord willing I start very early heading back to Ohio. Just a side note Black Beauty performed excellent on her venture out onto the  open rode for the first time. My thanks to all the members of my family who made this such an enjoyable time. 

Remember what I always say. God Loves you and so do I.

Great Grandpa Bill

Four Generations & Five Great Grand Children

I  am holding Carter. Top left is Dylan. Below him is Casidy and below 
her is Charlie.Macie is on my left.
Four of my great grand children live on Long Island , New York and one just moved from California to Nevada. They were recently all together and I had the privilege of being there. This posting is going to be a lot of photographs with captions and not much else. I think photographs tell the best story. That being said the stage needs to be set. After I arrived the New York great grand kids and their parents all came over to my daughters house. Incidentally she is grandma or grand mother to them.We had a wonderful meal and I had gifts for the kids.
For Carter a ball that lights up and plays music and makes sounds.

For Casidy a baby doll, coloring book and crayons

 The following photos are of Casidy posing for photographs

The following are of Dylan and Macie with their gifts. Macie got a 
baby doll and Dylan got action Hero coloring books and crayons.

 Two photos is all I could get Macie to sit still for. To much to do.

A few photos of children on the swing. They loved it. Higher higher 
was their cry. 

 Mother Coleen holding baby Charlie and Dad Charlie
Mother Coleen holding baby Charlie and Dad Charlie

Now it is time for the stars of the show to takeover for a while. Presenting  Carter from Nevada and Charlie from New York
                                               Carter                                          Charlie

          Daniel and Parisa Howard

 Relatives watch the little guys play and try to stay upright.

 Four Generations. Bottom left Dylan Bottom right Casidy, Above Casidy is my daughter Joyce, Middle Great Grandpa Bill, to my right is Nicku mother of & holding Carter,  to my left is Nicku's sister Parisa Howard, upper left is Charlie Father of and holding Charlie, and upper right is Bryan Father of and holding Macie.
 Same as above.
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Diven /Guarneiri Four Generations. Bottom Dylan and Macie,To my left is Joyce and to my right is Charlie holding Charlie, and top is Bryan holding Macie.
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Same as above
 Nicku holding Carter, Parisa and Great Grandpa Bill
 Nicku holding Carter, Parisa and Great Grandpa Bill, Top left Nickus's husband Corey Bruce, and Top right is Daniel Howard Parisa's husband.
Same as above
 Gifts for Carter
 Gifts for Carter

In addition to all the other festive activities we got to celebrate beautiful and sweet Macie's second birthday. Look at that beautiful cake. To pretty to eat but we did.

 Macie in her rain gear.
Macie in her rain gear. 
Depending on the wind direction Joyce's house is under the landing or take off path for JFK airport so just about anytime you can look up and see something like this.

After today I am so full of joy and love I am just about to burst. I thank God that he has allowed me to live to see these great grand children. I know how Jan would loved to have been able to hold and love them but I know she is fully aware of what I am feeling. There are many duplicate photos but you will notice different poses and expressions especially on the kids. They have had just about enough picture taking and are ready to get on to other things. Family feel free to use any of these photos that you might want.

Remember what I always say. God Loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill