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"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Family Visit 4/21 - 4/25/2018

During the period indicated in the title my aunt Dorcas Diven Curtis and her daughter Dixie Curtis Sharpe came to visit me. This visit was previously planned but had to be postponed so I was thrilled for them to come this year.  They arrived about lunch time on the 21st and after a quick snack I took them to Krohn Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit. After great care in preparing the night before like charging the camera battery, extra battery and that the data card was in the camera guess what I forgot to take the camera with me. We had a great time of hoping a butterfly would light on us or on the cards we were holding. I did have a butterfly light on my head for a few minutes. Following the tour of the butterflies we visited the gift shop where Dorcas purchased some beautiful framed butterflies and after we got home she gave a plaque to me which is shown below which indicates that life began in a garden.

On the 22nd we attended church at my church Liberty Heights Church followed by lunch at Taziki's a new Mediterranean cafe that just recently opened. We were joined by my friend Jim McGruder. The food was delicious and good choices.    

On the 23rd I took Annabel to day boarding while we went to the Ark Encounter. Annabel got a bath, toe nail trim and a hair cut. I could not get over how white she actually is when she is cleaned up.

Unfortunately it was a rainy nasty day so we had to hurry to get inside and were unable to walk around the exterior of the Ark. I have been through it many times and I still find new things they have added. For lunch we went to the main cafe Emzara's Kitchen which is named after Noah's wife. They have an outstanding cafeteria style lunch. A good selection of hot foods, salads and deserts. They have added new DVD that is shown constantly inside the Ark with plenty of log bench to sit on and rest your weary feet and legs. One of the main attractions they have added is the "Overnight Adventure ". Some of their material asks the question " Have you ever wondered what happens at the Ark Encounter after the building closes and the lights go out?" Well you can find out. They now offer you the opportunity to spend the night in the Ark. I don't know if they leave all the bird and animal and crashing water sounds on at night after everyone has left but I can imagine it could get rather spooky and would be a wonderful experience.
This is a photograph of Emzara's Kitchen taken Jul 12, 2016

 This is a photo taken August 14, 2017 which shows the ramp along the side of the Ark which leads to the entrance door through which Noah, his family and all the animals used to get into the Ark. The tall structure in the background is one of the zip line towers.
This is a photo taken August 14, 2017 which shows some of the animals in pairs walking toward the ramp along the side of the Ark which leads to the entrance door through which Noah, his family and all the animals used to get into the Ark.

All of the wonderful and beautiful work they have done on the Ark each time I have visited it there are two items that strike home with me and  I never get them out of my mind. First is the individual, family or group who just walk (no rush ) through the exhibits without stopping to read or study what the exhibit is all about. I grant you they may be pressed for time but they wasted their money and can only say they came and saw the Ark. The second item is the depiction of the door in the Ark and the significance it had for Noah's day and for us as well.
 Dorcas and Dixie in front of the Ark door. God told Noah to build an Ark and gave him specifications such as size. God told Noah he was going to flood the earth and wipe out all of wicked humanity. He told Noah to make one door for the Ark which God himself would shut after Noah, his family and all the animals that were to be saved were on board. While the wicked world outside of the Ark perished this door represented Gods  justice and mercy as those inside were saved. What people who rush past this exhibit miss is the point that Jesus is our Ark and door of salvation. Jesus said in John 10:9 "I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved..." Noah and his family went through one door to be saved so we must go through the door, Jesus to be saved. Just like those outside the Ark perished anyone outside of Jesus Christ will perish.
 Dorcas and Dixie in front of the Ark door.
A couple standing in front of the Ark door but look what is visible above their heads. I stood and watched many couples having their photographs taken in front of the Ark door who never noticed the cross presented in lights on the door. The depiction of the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified giving his life as the ultimate sacrifice to cover our sins.

On the 24th we visited the Creation Museum and unfortunately the weather was not any better than the day before so we did not get to go through the botanical gardens. We visited several displays then hurried back to try and catch the 9:30 Planetarium show which was about to start and we had not purchased our tickets yet. The attendant permitted us to enter without tickets and said we could go buy them after seeing the show. This is one of the great things about this facility and that is they are customer oriented. I did go buy our tickets. We had a good lunch in Noah's Cafe and then visited all the areas of the Creation Museum we had not yet seen. I asked Dorcas what she enjoyed the most at the Creation Museum and she said it was the Planetarium show. I also asked Dorcas what she enjoyed the most at the Ark and she said it was how natural the skin tones are on the human figures. They both commented on how spectacular both attractions are and how much they enjoyed getting to see them. I was unable to talk Dorcas or Dixie into a zip line ride at either the Ark or the Creation Museum. Just like the Ark they continue to add attraction. They now offer a night at the museum. The overnight program begins with a late arrival after the museum has closed for the day. It includes a flashlight tour through the darkened museum, a snack, and several entertaining and educational videos. After spending the night sleeping in the museum you have breakfast in Noah's Cafe, see an early planetarium show then tour the museum.

Dorcas and Dixie at entrance to Creation Museum

After a good nights rest and sleep Dorcas and Dixie headed for Pigeon Ford and on back to Arkansas. I so much enjoyed their visit and the opportunity to escort them through the Ark and Creation Museum.

You can see my earlier postings on the Ark and Creation Museum and my travels by visiting my blog which can be found at Grandpa Bill and Black Beauty Travel Or Grandpa Bill And Lady Blue Travel  Once there search index ( over 300 ) of older postings.Since May 1912 I have visited numerous National Parks and many Presidential Libraries and Museums and many other historic locations.  As always comments are welcome.

Remember as I always say God loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill

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