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"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." (New International Version-NIV)

Truly Gods vast creation, landscape, wildlife and man is beautiful beyond description.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nevada Christmas, Post # 1

This posting will cover my Christmas vacation in Nevada which was spent with my grand daughter and her husband and son; my oldest daughter and her husband as well as my grand daughter from New York and her husband. Of course I cannot leave out my great grandson. What a joy to see him and the family

Of course any trip like this means that Annabel who is such a trooper has to go into boarding. Took her to boarding for 15 days. She got out of the car knowing where she was and headed straight inside. While I was checking her in they came to get her and off she went leading them back to the boarding area and never once looked back to see if I was coming. As much as it hurts me it tells me she likes it there and is well cared for. Next is to get the house ready for my being away for 15 days, get packed and print my boarding passes and get some rest and  wait till morning to go to the airport.
Arrived at the Greater Cincinnati airport to see a beautiful sunrise. It is interesting to a lot of people that the Greater Cincinnati airport  is actually located in Kentucky.  I fly to Reno, Nevada to visit my grand daughter and her family. She lives in Spanish Springs, Nevada near Reno. Boarding the aircraft in Cincinnati was a young man with a medical assist dog a large beautiful German Shepherd. He had the first row window seat in first class. After he got seated himself he unfolded a piece of thin black cloth and placed it on the floor at his feet. The dog lay down and went to sleep. Later he woke the dog up and was talking to him and petting him. What impressed me so much was that while he was talking to the dog the dog never took his eyes off him. Cloudy and bumpy most of the flight and no snow on the ground at Denver or Reno.

 Beautiful sunrise

My United Aircraft.
Flying from Denver to Reno it is always interesting to see the very large circle which are made by the irrigation systems.

Since my birthday was on the 19 of December it was decided the family would wait until I got to Nevada to celebrate. All of my life that I can remember even as a small child I had a chocolate pie for my birthday. My Mom always made it, then my wife kept the tradition and after she died one of my daughter would do the honor of making my birthday pie. This time my oldest daughter Janice made both a chocolate and also coconut cream pie both of which are my favorite.
Chocolate Pie
Coconut cream
Preparing to blow out the candles
 Have never seen birthday candles like these
 Heat from the candles cause the whole feature to turn.
Enough air left in this 85 year old body to blow out the candles the first try
Information about this birthday candle.

I know some readers will be wondering about the beautiful plate of biscuits with my birthday pie. There was a tradition among my relatives and others in North West Arkansas to have what we called chocolate gravy and biscuits. The gravy was nothing more than chocolate pie filling served hot in a bowl instead of baking it is a pie crust. It was served over hot biscuits and I along with a lot of other people loved it. Much easier than baking the pie. 

 Snow on the mountains near my grand daughters home in Nevada.
 Some of the family taking a hike partially up the mountain directly behind my grand daughters home.
 Sunset behind my grand daughters home.
Sunset behind my grand daughters home.
 These four all bundled up to spend in day in the mountains skiing. They were so bundled up they said they would have to drive with the windows down to keep from getting to hot. Ha. Left to right Daniel Howard, his wife My grand daughter Parisa, Bami Bastani my daughter Janice's husband and Corey Bruce my grand daughter Nicku's husband..

Posting #2 will cover Christmas and playing with great grandson Carter. Remember what I always say God loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill

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