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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nevada Christmas, Post # 2

This Nevada Christmas posting #2 deals with a lot of pre-Christmas activities as well as Christmas day activities. There are advantages of getting older but some of the disadvantages are tough to live with. Chief among these disadvantages are hurting joints  (especially knees) which preclude you being able to get on the floor to play with a very active great grandson. I told my grand daughter ahead of time to not be disappointed if I did not spend a lot of time on the floor playing with the little guy. The knees just will not let me get down and get back up although I did make it a few times.
Great grandpa Bill on the floor playing with great grandson Carter. Right now Carter's thing is to point to something (anything) and say what sounds like "this". You tell him and he immediately points to something else. Never an end.

Carter on his "growly bear"
 Carter loves to pull things around.
Carter unhappy as he tries to learn how to get out of this chair. It took several tries but he mastered it.
Carter loves any toy that has light and makes a noise.
 This poor keyboard takes a beating and is easy to pull around by the cord.
He loves his blow up reindeer.
 Carter poses for photograph. Isn't that a handsome young man.
 One of Nicku's Christmas decorations
 Some of the stockings hung on the fireplace mantel in anticipation
 Beautiful tree all decorated and waiting for the big day.
I love this decoration on the wall of Nicku's dining room. A declaration of Nicku and Corey's thoughts and belief.
Nicku, Carter and Corey before we go to the Candle Light Service at their church.

 Candle Light Service. I missed the shot with the candles lit.
Leaving Candle Light Service.
 Landscape scene from church
Christmas Eve would not be complete especially if you have children if you do not have to assemble some toys. I am not sure but Parisa is perhaps giving Corey advice on assemble of this toy wagon.
Christmas morning and I think I can safely say Santa Clause has been here. Louie one of the two Jack Russel that live here seems to be trying to figure out what all this stuff is.
 One of Carter's favorite toy seemed to be this toy that he can ride and push around. It has all sorts of lights. things that move and make a lot of noise.
Of course if you can't get to work right you can always pull it around on its side.
Here Corey is instructing his dog Gunter, while Peanut is on the couch and Louie is barely visible.
Louie and Peanut on couch with Carter while Dad takes a picture.
Louie is a very gentle and loving dog who has had a hip operation which has slowed him down a lot. He tries hard but spends a lot of time moving on three legs especially late in the day. He slept with me some nights.

Just so you know as wonderful as Christmas was there was a down side. Janice came down with a stomach bug of some sort that kept her in bed a couple of days and yours truly got it and laid me low for a  period. That made history for me because I have not had anything like that for at least 20 or 30 years. Could it have something with reaching that 85 year old Plato? 

After much discussion it was decided Janice and I would drive back to her home rather fly. We were loaded down with luggage and presents. It was a very pleasant and beautiful drive of roughly 4 hours. Thank you Nicku and Corey for having all of us in your home for Christmas 2016. I know it was stressful and tiring as you near you trimester point in your pregnancy. Again thank you it was most enjoyable.

Posting # 3 will cover activities after returning to California at Janice's home. Remember what I always say. God loves you and so do I.

Grandpa Bill

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